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SSH ISO 4866:2010

Statusi: Publikuar
Gjuha: Anglisht
Faqe: 42
Çmimi: 4641 lek
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This standard is equivalent to:
ISO 4866:2010   ISO/TC 108/SC 2


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Vibrime dhe goditje mekanike - Vibrimet e strukturave - Udhëzime për matjen e vibrimeve dhe vlerësimin e ndikimeve të tyre në struktura

Titulli në anglisht

Mechanical vibration and shock - Vibration of fixed structures - Guidelines for the measurement of vibrations and evaluation of their effects on structures

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Qëllimi në anglisht

This International Standard establishes principles for carrying out vibration measurement and processing data with regard to evaluating vibration effects on structures. It does not cover the source of excitation except when the source dictates dynamic range, frequency or other relevant parameters. The evaluation of the effects of structural vibration is primarily obtained from the response of the structure, using appropriate analytical methods by which the frequency, duration and amplitude can be defined. This International Standard only deals with the measurement of structural vibration and excludes the measurement of airborne sound pressure and other pressure fluctuations, although response to such excitations is taken into consideration. This International Standard applies to all structures built above or below ground. Such structures are used or maintained and include buildings, structures of archaeological and historical value (cultural heritage), bridges and tunnels, gas and liquid installations including pipelines, earth structures (e.g. dykes and embankments), and fixed marine installations (e.g. quays and wharfs). This International Standard does not apply to some special structures, including nuclear plants and dams. The response of structures depends upon the excitation. This International Standard examines the methods of measurement as affected by the source of excitation, i.e. frequency, duration, and amplitude as induced by any source (e.g. earthquake, hurricane, explosion, wind loading, airborne noise, sonic boom, internal machinery, traffic, and construction activities).

Komitetet Teknike

12 - Metrologjia dhe matje


17.160 - Vibracione, goditje dhe matje e vibracioneve
91.120.25 - Mbrojtje e ndërtesave kundër tërmeteve dhe vibracioneve


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SSH ISO 4866:2010 withdrawn SSH ISO 4866:2010 - 22.07.2019

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Vibrimet dhe goditjet mekanike - Vibrimet e ndërtesave - Udhëzues për matjen e vibrimeve dhe vlerësimin e efekteve të tyre në ndërtesa ISO 4866: 199O(E)

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